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How To Spot a SENIOR Rizviite?

After the Phenomenal success of its predecessor How to Spot a Rizviite, presenting to you, Year II in Rizvi...

How to spot a SENIOR Rizviite?

> You can blindly expect him to work 9am-9pm, even on Sundays. That is a Rizviite's 'Product Differentiation'

> He suffers from Monday Morning Blues of a different kind

> Don't expect him to be partying on holidays. His friends stopped asking him long ago!

> By now, he will have given up on Economic Times, Business Standard and all other technical papers

> He will call all nerds as HPLs

> Only a Rizviite will know what RKP stands for

> He thinks that anybody who missed out on those Legendary, Phenomenal lectures is a part of a Deprived Generation

> He still thinks that his junior year class, be it MMS-A, MMS-B, PG-A, or PG-B was the best class EVER!

> Her fascination with clicking photographs will have reduced considerably

> He will have atleast one of these talents:
     - Making funny noises,
     - Mimicking Profs,
     - Talking,
     - Sleeping,
     - Singing or
     - Banging tunes on the table

> He shall never name his child Kayyum

> Whenever you say "class", you will hear a mysterious echo... "Klaaaaass" 

> He will always be interested in  knowing "Kaun hai Waha?"

> For him, Choco does not mean 'short for Chocolate'

> He is no longer afraid of "The Den"

> He will always be "happy to help"
*applicable to junior girls only

> He thinks helping juniors with studies is his moral duty.
   (In his heart he knows he doesn't remember a thing!)

> If she is from Marketing, her expectations from bald men will have gone down

> An HR girl can be identified by her Stylish Looks & Bulky Books
(yes it is BOOKS, you dirty minds!)

> And lastly, if you see certain elusive, unknown faces along 6th floor, don't get scared.
They are still seniors, but from Systems!

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