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How To Spot A Rizviite?

Well, this 1s dedicated to my new life and new friends at my new college!
Rizvi Institue of Management Studies and Research (RIMSR)

How to spot a Rizviite?

> You will see him leave home, on a SUNDAY morning at 7, wearing crisp formals

> He will have a conspirational smile on his face, every time he hears the words "Phenomenal!" or "Crystal Clear" or "Sorry, you are late"

> He will hate Dr. Kalim Khan's autocratic ways. But if you do dare say anything against the prof, he will break your face!

> If she is a girl, dont be surprised if she says "Bald men are Hot!"

> He has been slapped by a girl at least once, when he accidently blurted out "Now this is what we must look at"

> He thinks a Paan- chewing man in class is 'Cool'

> He will call everyone he meets as "xyz bhai" and will treat every girl with utmost respect

> He will crowd around the guy who has brought chicken for lunch

> He jointly holds the record for finishing a 1 kg cake in 20 seconds flat!

> He will never be spotted near the TV

> He will always carry a copy of The Economic Times, but will never be seen reading it

> He will appear online on facebook 9 out of 10 times

> Everytime you ask him "whats up?", he will reply, "The same old, completing projects"

>  he will have a distinct style of saying "wassssuuuupp?"

> Dont expect him to know what places are a 'must visit' at Bandra. His life starts and ends between the 1st and 8th floor of RIMSR

>  He will never shy away from climbing the staircase. The long queues at the lift have taught him the hard way

> He will have unkempt hair. You see, Rizviites get their weekly off on Mondays - the day when all the barber shops in the city are Closed.

... and lastly, if he's a Rizviite, he will 'Share' this on facebook!

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