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Confessions of a Newly Wed: The Love Charm


My obsession with charm bracelets began as a child when I pleaded grandma to let me have her ancient silver bracelet. It had little boats, keys, bags, the works - and once she let me have it, I wore it everyday. 
Being rather old and brittle, it broke way too often, and I fixed it each time with my own hands. Until one day mum decided it had run its time - and I never saw it again.

Cut to adulthood when my manager for a project I was a part of for LSE turned up with a silver bracelet that had some gorgeous movable charms. The turquoise bead really stood out of the lot, but I never mustered the courage to ask her where it was from. Now I know, I was in love with Pandora bracelets, even before I even knew it.

4 years later I married and moved to Dubai, where the HR manager turned up one day wearing one. She said it was from Pandora and that I could find it at any shopping mall. Heck, even my sister in law has one -they're just everywhere!

But you know what, they're way too expensive, so the thought was duly put aside.

Recently, when we were at Mirdif City Center for an event, we passed by Pandora giving it a side glance as usual. Suddenly the husband said it was high time I had one. 

"No kidding! C'mon in, lets buy one of those." I explained the expense and the huge dent on the budget, and he said we would amortize it in the months to come. 

Well, that day I learnt one thing -you can't argue with a Finance guy.

The girl behind the counter asked me enthusiastically, while I still stared in disbelief - "So, what's the occasion?"
"There is no occasion" I said. "It's just my lucky day!" So that's the greatest thing about tim. He doesn't wait for an occasion to make things special. 

Love you Husain, and look forward to adding many, many more charms with you! ❤

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