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Confessions of a Newly Wed : From Fiancee to Wife

One of the first things that came to my mind while I began to write this post is : it has been over three months since the wedding. Can I still call myself a 'newly wed'? For how long can one go on being called that, without the 'newly' word being removed and then being simply called as 'wed'. I'd love to know your thoughts, so don't forget to leave them in the comments below.

Now as you know, it has been over three months now (a hundred days to be precise) since I call myself  a Missus, and life has transformed significantly for me. Leaving the 'new place, new world, new family' bit apart, even the relationship between the two of us has undergone a sea of a difference. I'm now somebody's wife, a better half - and the term itself implies a whole lot of responsibilities. The only thing that hasn't changed is that I love him more, with each passing day.

However, the purpose of this post was not the mush, not the elderly advice, but to take a light-hearted look at how things happen differently once you're married.

Like for example,

Situation 1 : The emperor's new clothes
Fiance : Hey baby, what do you think of this new shirt? I bought it from Big Brand A for Big Money B, specially since it is our 5 week anniversary and we have planned a romantic walk with the dogs. Gosh, its been 5 weeks? Seems like yesterday!
Husband : Baby, what do you think of this shirt? I bought it 5 years ago from Big Brand A for Big Money B on discount, and I don't feel like throwing it away just yet. It looks too old to wear it out with my friends, but do you think I can wear it today to the mall with you?
Wife : *sigh* sure you can, it's only our 5 weeks wedding anniversary.

Situation 2 : Being dressy
Fiance : Wow, you look fantastic! I can't tell if it is your new haircut, or the shade of lipstick that's making you look so divine!
Husband : Come on, hurry up. What's taking you so long? Who is it that you're dressing up to impress?
Wife : Err, the neighbors?

Situation 4 : Painting his house
Fiancee : Oh, so your house is getting painted? Wow, I understand you'll be busy. Ping me when you get free! XOXO *secretly wonders if the new room will be painted pink or blue*
Wife : Will you EVER let me choose the color of our room?

Situation 5 : Text messaging
Fiance : Hey baby! I'm sure you're having a busy day at work, but let me just remind you to have your lunch on time. Well I've got fried chicken for lunch, and here's a picture of my box of fruits.
Husband : (last seen today at 7:40 am)

Well, its not just him who has changed in this time. Being in a new place with added expectations & responsibilities can take a toll on you. Any new wife would agree with this:

Fiancee : Oh darling! I think you're so sexy, that I could make love to you every hour of everyday!
Wife : *SNORE*
And with this, the husband rests his case.

He bought this T-shirt, while we were on our honeymoon. I have no role in this, I promise!

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