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Confessions of a Newly Wed : 10 Things You Must Remember For Your Honeymoon


The big Indian wedding is done with, and the husband (still feels strange to call him that) & I are back from a blissful honeymoon. You'd wonder why my first post after marriage is not about marriage itself, but I feel this is an experience every bride must feel in her own unique way, without being meddled with others' ideas of a perfect day.

And if you're expecting sex advice in this post, look elsewhere - 'cz a lady won't kiss and tell (or maybe just a little bit!)
So here goes for you, some practical honeymoon tips from someone who's just been there.
  1. Plan your trip to the T, before you set out. You really don't want to waste your precious honeymoon time looking around, asking for places to visit. Also, get your maps in place- 'cz REAL MEN don't ask for directions (or at least some seem to think so). 
  2. Inform your hotel/hotels that you're going to be on a honeymoon, at the time of making the booking. Many hotels go out of their way to make it a memorable experience for the two of you, be it by means of special rooms, bed decorations, complimentary items, collectibles, or even reserved tables for two at their restaurants. All smiles!
  3. When planning sight-seeing trips, make sure you have enough time to yourselves. Ideally, divide the first half of the day for going around the place, and the remaining half for romance.
  4. If your tour package includes a city tour, carefully check the places covered. Many travel agents include unnecessary items like cashew nut farms ('cz hell yeah its my honeymoon and I want to know how cashews are extracted. Its very important!), just because they earn a commission on every customer they bring. Sometimes, you might want to skip a city tour altogether for something more enjoyable *wink*.
  5. Take time to do things together. A cooking class to dish out a local specialty, or a jet-ski ride - depending upon your interests.
  6. Remember - you aren't going on a shopping trip for the extended family.
  7. Carry your best clothes. Wear everything that flatters you, including make-up, or a large hat. You'll want to frame and look back at those photographs and smile, even when you're 80.
  8. Don't hesitate to request others to click pictures of the two of you. Most people will oblige. Remember on your honeymoon, you're at your carefree, good-looking best, which means lots of pretty photographs for your bedside photo-frame, or that collage you want to gift him on your first wedding anniversary.
  9. Do not invest in/carry too much naughty nightwear. On your honeymoon, you're either going to be too exhausted or too excited to wear any. And it is going to spend most of its time on the floor anyway, right?
  10. And lastly, ensure your hotel room comes with a bath tub and hot water. Just trust me on this one! ;)
    I have always been a fan of silhouette photographs. This one was clicked by a stranger along the beautiful sunset at a beach in Krabi

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