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Confessions of a Bride-to-be : The Sister's Letter


Having grown up in the same family, and spent 22 years of our lives together, we sisters share a special bond. Since we've shared everything from clothes to crushes, one of us getting married and moving away was never going to be easy.

Being the un-writer she is, I know she would never write unless something was really affecting her. Following my previous post, here's what she quietly sent me on Whatsapp one night while watching TV.

"I may not be a writer.. but this could be an attempt to express wat i feel right now..

What would you do if someone is stealing something very  close to you, right in front of your eyes, and you helplessly can do nothing about it.. just that in my case, i have to do it with a plastic smile on my face giving away my precious sister to someone whom ive hardly known a few months.
He may be the prince charming or the knight in shining armour for her.. for me, he is the one stealing her and taking her miles away from the place v both called home.

20 days it is.. after that i wont have anyone to share the stories of my new crush, giggle as cute guys pass by, shared detailed stories of how I fought with frnds and she would listen silently till i calmed dwn.
The girl I spent my childhood. She took care of me, the cranky little me. Got punished in school just coz she couldnt leave me till I stopped crying. She is the girl who got me shopping in the girls section from the guys, heard a stern NO everytime I picked a random weird top.
Today she tells me shes worried about what will I wear after she leaves... trust me, its not just the clothes and shopping, but my life and hers that im worried about..
How is this lil girl gonna live all her life without anyone nagging over the little careless things she does, or reminding her shes missed her meal coz she was so busy shopping.

They say I should start learning to be so independent and live without her.. I believe thats never gonna happen.

She will be married in a few days, after that, the every night long chats may be through whatsapp or skype.. every little chocolate that I would share with my sis, guess her share will remain uneaten.."

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