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Confessions of a Bride-to-be : On Marrying Each Other's Flaws


'When you think somebody is perfect for you, it is infatuation.
When you are aware of the other's flaws, and it still doesn't matter - its love!'

I read this quote over the internet recently, and all notions that I had of me falling in 'love' at first sight went down the drain. I thought he was perfect for me from the word 'go', as he ticked all the qualities on my list for Mr. Right. Kind, friendly, thoughtful, intuitive and intelligent - I always wondered what I had done right to deserve a flawless person like him.
I realised that phase was nothing but infatuation.

The process of falling in love with him, was even more beautiful!
- getting into a 'discussion' and reconciling with a simple "hmm" after a few hours.
- hating something about him, and have him do so deliberately, just to see me annoyed.
- him knowing that that I am likely to say something embarrassing, and having a cover up for me ready in his head.
- him taking control of a situation where he knows I'll be unable to take a decision.

It has been a process of discovery, a process of acceptance, and the process of understanding. A process of knowing their imperfections and that of realising that these do not matter enough to change your love for them. If anything, they bring you closer, because you know their vulnerabilities, and make yourself a better person to make up for their shortcomings!

There are so many ways to show a person you love them. One of them is to marry their flaws!"

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