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New Suns


My girl in her world : laughing, making noise, in her shorts and white tee that dates back to her high school band practice. Sitting on the arm of the sofa, because to sit ON the actual cushion is just too mainstream for her! In fact to sit at all is an achievement. She does ten things at once.

Two pony tails - if she wears this and is not shy, means she is comfortable around you. That's what she's like now, chattering away with her folks.

As I see her laughing in her world, I wonder what am I taking her to.

It is raining outside, and my girl loves the monsoon. She says she still jumps into puddles. Rolls up her jeans and walks in mucky waters. I'm sure she has sailed paper boats too, but will not tell.
In her new world, I can give her a pool, but I cannot give her a splash.

Her friends, there are countless of them. They're all here, standing in different groups. She has changed 4 colleges, and there's a group from each of them. And for every group, there is a 'best friend'. She tried introducing me to all, but there are so many, I can't remember their names. Just the ones she mentions often.
In the world I'll take her to, I can share my friends with her, but there will be completely different names.

Her sister is wearing a top that she made, after referring to one of those D.I.Y sites. Her mother's tunic is bordered with crochet from last summer. Even the initials embroidered on her back pockets are a result of her 'sudden bursts of creativity'.
In the new world I'm taking her to, there are brands, but no sewing machines.

My girl is an outdoors person. Three days at a stretch at home will make her ill. Even now, as she ruefully looks outside the window, I can tell she would rather be out there getting soaked. She tells me of long hours she has spent chit chatting at gardens, bus-stops, and hell - even on the stairs of stores that have shut shop for the day.
In her new world, its too hot to even step out during the day!

I watch my girl in her world, and with a sad heart I want to give her a reality check.
Life with me is not going to be easy.
Days like this, with everybody together at one place are going to be extremely rare, or safe to say - never.
There aren't going to be long walks along the beach.
And there will be no monsoons.

I want her to be fully aware of what she's getting into. Have a long talk about what she's going to miss. Catch her by her by her shoulders and shake her till she realises the true repercussions of this commitment. Warn her of the many nights she's going to sleep with tissues by her side.

At this moment she notices me lost in thought, sitting in a lonely corner of the room.
She leaves what she was doing and sits next to me, holding my arm. And just by the way she's looking at me, I know I am the luckiest man in the world!

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