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Long Distance Love

I knew I loved you before I met you,
I think I dreamed you into life...

But what I never dreamed about was getting into a long distance relationship. Fate afforded us barely two meetings, but I knew I had found a companion for life.
Luckily, the feeling was mutual.

Inside jokes, funny nicknames, naughty conversations and sometimes desperate attention seeking- we wake up and sleep to this everday.  Sadly, it is all so tied to the phone screen. Subject to data connection, at the mercy of the phone's battery.
I wish there were more ways to make you a part of my universe. So many times I wish I had you around me and feel your touch. Instead I fall asleep curled up in a ball imagining you breathing beside me.

And the craving for you not just physical. Most of the times it is the simple things.
I miss you every time I eat cream and invariably order your favorite flavors.
Every time I buy a new top, I wish I could wear it for the first time, on a date with you. Parade around posing from different angles and ask you what you think.
When I see something beautiful or amusing, I want to turn around and point it out for you to see.
Hold your arm right before we announce ourselves at a gathering. Secretly watch you while you dazzle others with your charm- the young and old alike.

There are so many things still to learn about you. 
Do you crinkle your nose when offered to eat something you don't like? Do you finish off all the food on your plate?
Does a longer hahahhaha on text mean a louder laugh? Do you only chuckle with lol, but really laugh at lmao?
Do you wake up in the morning with you hair looking as though a strong wind blew it at night? Or do you sleep as silently and peacefully as a baby?
How do you smile when you're amused? Is it different from the one you have when something naughty crosses your mind?
Do you like to be hugged when you're low? Or would you want to be left alone? I have to learn your needs.
I want to learn what what every smile, every frown, every hand gesture means.
Learn how to tell when you're pleased, and also when you're faking interest. I have yet to learn how to tell when you're mad. Sometimes, I will just know. At others, I will learn the hard way.
There will be misunderstandings, there will be 'discussions', but its not going to be boring.

You often mention how you want to keep things a 'suspense', not rush in to things too soon, because you worry life might get monotonous later. With so may little nuances yet to learn about each other, I don't think it will. Well, at least our interest in each other will last longer than those idiots who see each other everyday. ( I use idiots, more out of jealousy than anything else *wink*)

But what the hell. Life's good, and I'm grateful to have you in my life in every way. Be it in the form of a buzzing text message, or your face smiling back at me on Skype.

Wish to watch you in every role you play in your life- that of a caring son, a loyal friend, a loving partner, a protective father. These are just a few ways to fall in love with you. 

Hope to cut many more cakes with you. May all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday!

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