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Don't Stand So Close To Me


You're a magnet.
Worse, you're quicksand. The more I struggle to pull out, the deeper you suck me in.

You close in with the smooth gait of a predator and I'm allured by your intense eyes and smooth skin. I can't take my eyes off you, when in fact I should be running for my dear life.

I stand transfixed as you spin your web around me. The wily spider, the smooth talker. You tell me things I want to hear. You fill my dreams with places I have never been. With every word you inch closer.

Don't Stand so close to me that every smile of yours makes me want to be the reason behind it. So close, I can even spot the slightest hint of a frown. I will want to reach out, and soothe it till its gone.

Don’t Stand so close to me that I can smell the feminine perfume on your clothes. I shall dismiss it as your preference for unisex. Don’t get so close, that I will only admire the beauty of those eyes, and not explore the betrayal within.

Don’t Stand so close to me, that I let you see each flaw on my skin and give you the keys to my mind. So close that I have memorized every contour on your body and each word you don’t even remember having said.

Don’t Stand so close to me that I get used to surrendering myself in your strong arms- the comfort, the friendship, the unsaid promises. Don’t get so close that if one day those hands are gone, I wont trust another pair that reaches out for me.

Don’t stand so close to me that I lean up for a kiss, and let you have a privilege I have given no other.
Don’t get so close to me if you know that when I open my eyes, I will find nothing but a puff of smoke.

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