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She Lets Herself Be

There is nothing extraordinary about her.

The regular girl, who has separate sets of clothes. The tattered old ones for home, the slightly better ones to be worn on errands. Some better ones for meeting friends and work, and the expensive ones for occasions.

Who walks around all day with open hair, but waits to get home just to be able to tie them into a bun. The girl who leaves home looking her best, but takes off all her accessories one by one as the day progresses.

The girl who sits on her office chair with her legs folded up. The girl who when asleep, curls up into a ball.

The one who allows herself to look ugly once in a while. The one who believes in making at least one person smile in a day, without any vested interest.

She loves to smile. You can hear it even over the phone. But when she's a mess, you'll know that too.

She lets herself be silent on some days. She lets herself think, make up stories in her head that are never going to happen. She allows herself to be sad sometimes and has a separate playlist for such moods. She lets off her fury on her closest ones. Later, she blames PMS.

She could be walking on the road, lost in the crowd and you would have no clue. She could be the next girl you pass at the coffee shop. Or that one craving for your attention all her while. She could be the one who sat through all your late night calls, hearing about your latest crush. Or the one you don't even know exists.

She's the girl who doesn't take herself too seriously. She's the girl you never bothered to know.
Just because she lets herself be. But that shouldn't be so bad, no?

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