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You're Beautiful, its true

(This is a very different post from what I usually write. Its funny how when you're feeling low yourself, you're able to write some of the most inspirational stuff. Below are a few ramblings)

Beauty magazines. The popular girl at school. The impeccably dressed co-worker. The cute girl next door that your crush has been eyeing.
Its funny how insignificant and UGLY these things can make you feel.

You imitate the photoshopped girls on the glossies. Adopt the 'in' winter wardrobe. The introvert in you makes an effort to talk with stangers to compete for attention. Fake the power and confidence of your much admired collegue.
What happens?

In the beginning you may succeed, bask in your new avatar. But 9 out of 10 times you fail. A time comes when you realise what a sham all this is, and give up.

Back comes the 10 year old tshirt that you felt most comfortable in. The heels fly out of the window and the feet finally rest in sneakers. The dust is wiped off the spectacles and you go back to being what you used to be. Only worse. Feeling like a complete and utter failure.

My question is, why do all this, when you're beautiful the way you are?
If wearing high heels is somebody's style statement, wearing sneakers is yours!
If somebody else is extrovert and makes superficial friends easily, being introvert means you have a few close friends you trust. Now really, that couldnt be bad!

If somebody else is best dressed and better looking, you're well read and most traveled!

Behind those spectacles, lie eyes with dreams only unique to you. You are strong, dealing with your own special problems. And there will always be people who will adore you for the person you are.

It is only when you believe you're beautiful in your own special way, that you will radiate that beauty outside.

You cant be them,
And they cant be youer than you.
Accept your flaws, polish your strengths,
Because you're beautiful, its true!

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