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10 Things I am Going to Teach my Kids

I am at that stage of life now, when so many of my friends are either getting married, or having children. For some, it is a planned decision. But most, and worryingly so, take on partnerships and parenthood when they're least prepared for it. As a result, we shall soon see striking examples of rather loud examples of how NOT to be.

For me, both of these are going to be well thought out. As they say, that your childhood lays the foundation of your personality as an adult, I put before you-  

10 Things I am Going to Teach my Kids.

1. Respect
Let the lady enter the lift before you, even if she is a maid-servant. Talk to others in a gentle manner, irrespective of your mood. Respect your elders. Respect women. Respect food. Respect your possessions. And most of all, respect yourself and the life given to you.

Most vices and social evils exist because we do not have respect for ourselves, others, and property. A boy who is not trained to respect women will grow up to be sexist, consider them as inferior and may be responsible for crimes against them. If a child does not respect others, he shall have no regard for what is theirs, be it feelings or possessions.

2. Read
Read. Read fairy tales, read textbooks, read novels, read comics, read encyclopedias. Read fiction. Read any text that you can lay your hands on- even if it is on the back of your shampoo bottle.

Reading makes a person smarter by improving his general knowledge. It works like a tranquilizer. It enhances vocabulary and boosts memory. It gives one a glimpse of other cultures and he can thus appreciate his own, and change whats wrong. An individual who reads fiction is creative, and has the knack of understanding other people better, since he places himself in the shoes of every character he reads about with every book he reads.

3. Learn
Use your time to learn as much as you can. If you think it is going to help you later in life, learn it before the others do. If you think it isn't learn it anyway.
Attempt to write a story, learn a new software all by yourself. Learn to cook, learn to sew. Learn how to dance, even if you're born with two left feet.

You never know which information can be of what use to you when in life. Remember that no kind of knowledge will ever go waste. Some day,you will save your behind and that of others by knowing that little extra.

4. Share
Share your favourite piece of chocolate with the same smile you would have while sharing your unpleasant bowl of cereal. Make place for others in the bus. Don't take more on your plate than you can eat. Always ask others if they would like to have it, before you consume anything. If it can make you happy, it can make somebody else too.

A person who does not learn to share early on in life, shall grow up to be selfish and egoistic. It is important to put others before oneself. 

5. Dream
Imagine yourself on that luxury cruise, even if you have barely enough money in your pocket to take the bus. Make a list of things to do before you turn 50. Keep adding to it.

If you don't dream, you will never achieve. Don't let anybody tell you that you cannot do something. Not even yourself. Dream big, follow your dreams and give it your all. But should you fail, dream again.

6. Love The Outdoors
If you must choose between a movie TV or one at a cinema hall, choose the cinema. Go out to play. Get wet in the rain. Gang up with friends and play a prank. Choose trekking over a house party. Indulge in as many adventure sports you can. Swim. Ride. Climb trees. Fall, but climb again.

Sedentary lifestyle. Lifestyle disease. Couch potato. Obesity. Words easily associated with our generation. The key to being fit and living longer and a more fruitful life lies in being active all the time. A home body, remains just that all his life.

7. Be Flexible
If your goal is not achieved, dont loathe it. If your partner hates chinese food, try her favourite cuisine for a change. If you didnt secure that train reservation, dont cancel your trip. Be prepared to travel unreserved, next to the door. If an end must be met, mould yourself to achieve it.

A person who isnt flexible, doesnt achieve much in life. Things will not always go as planned. Technology will fail, people will have a change of heart and things will get cancelled at the nth hour. Adapt.

8. Sacrifice
If something you want or have can make somebody else happier, let them have it. Spend half of your piggy bank money in buying gifts for others. Share your favourite lunch with somebody who you think will enjoy it too. Sacrifice the money you reserved for that new toy for the beggar child with no clothes. Give. Dont ask for anything in return. Dont remind the reciever of your favours. Forget what and to whom you've given, but dont forget to give.

People who do not sacrifice tend to become self centred and egoistic. Thinking only about oneself is not a positive trait for them nor their relationships. My child must learn to derive happiness from watching others happy.

9. Save
Make your piggy bank your best friend. See him everyday. Found a stray coin in your bag? Deposit it. Cash presents from a relative? Stuff it into the bank before you can think of what to buy with it. Anticipate recieving money so that you can add to your savings and not so that you can spend it.

With the uncertain times and cash crunches the world over, I really dont need to elaborate why and how a savings habit will benefit a child. Why only money? Save your candy too for the day you shall need a little cheering up!

10. Do It Yourself 
Broken toy? Dont cry, think of ways to fix it instead. Make your own bed, fold your own clothes, be responsible for the cleanliness of your room. Use public transport, if you're not old enough to drive. But dont expect us to pick up and drop you all the time. Pick your own clothes. Learn how to tie your shoelaces.

This quality has been one of the best ones taught to me by my parents. A person who is self dependent can take on any responsibility. You can rest assured that a task assigned to him will be done. He can survive in any conditions. He doesnt rely on anybody. He is strong. Therefore he's not afraid. 

My parents have done a wonderful job of bringing us up to what we are today. I'm sure you can tell that much of what I have stated above is a reflection of who I am, of what my parents have made me to be. This is in fact what we have been practicing since our childhood, and by observing how we compare with the children of today, I believe that if I am able inculcate even a percentage of these habits in my children, I'll be able to make good human beings and not just some being that existed.

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