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What's new? Photostories!

Hello my loyal readers! I hope this post finds you smiling and in the pinkest of health.

After sharing with you little things about myself, letting you in to my deepest thoughts, dabbling with fiction and even trying my hand at 100 Words posts, I thought I'd fill you in with my second biggest passion after writing- Photography.

Although I am still an amateur and have yet to perfect the art, I believe my photos are a reflection of the world as I see it. And its beautiful!

Just to spice things up a little, each photo will be accompanied by a little story. It could be a description of the time that the photo has been clicked, or it could even be a figment of my imagination. I'll let you guess.

You Game?

(PS: You might notice that there is a brand new Photo-stories page on the top right for quick access! Enjoy.)
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