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How to Spot a Job Seeker

So senior year at Rizvi, too, is over and all of us are out in the Big Bad World, searching for meaningful employment.

So, here are a few ways to spot a job seeker!

1. While other people will be complaining about job stress, he will be posting his latest holiday photos.

2. If somebody gets placed, he will be the first one to demand a treat.

3. He will initiate a random plan on a weekday, and then complain that the working folk are 'bade log'.

4.  If he is seen reading the Economic Times, or anything remotely intelligent, be sure he has an interview coming up soon.

5. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Monster and Naukri shall together constitute 90% of his browsing history.

6. Greek and Latin terms like profile, CTC, in-hand, take-away, resume, portal and work-ex will have become a part of his daily jargon.

7. He will have developed the skill of interpreting every random remark from his parents as a taunt.

8. The family will only get too used to his presence at home. He shall be given a lion's share of the household duties.

9. Deep down, 9 out of 10 job seekers will regret doing an MBA.

10. More the time passes, the lesser salary he will be willing to work for, the farther will he be willing to travel, the more flexible he will get with the desired work profile.

11. Old, dead contacts shall be resurrected from their graves and anyone who walks on two feet shall possess an updated copy of his CV. Orangutans included.

12. The girls shall finally consider getting married.

13. An External hard drive will be both, his best friend and most faithful companion.

14. He will have even watched movies produced during the Stone Age. Maybe even before that.

And lastly,
15. Any question containing words like "current status", "job mila?", "campus placements?" "expectation", and "desired profile" shall draw out extreme emotions.

These were some of the many unique characteristics. Do share your experiences in the comments column.

Cheers, and happy hunting!

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