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Samaritan of Change


315: Anila Agarwal
She was the most difficult to convince.

320: Jyoti Kadam
321: Alvira Doshi
322: Samina Khan
323: Aarushi Naik
The first was the helpful one who got the other friends to participate.

The 4 year old son of the official tore another sheet.

417: R. Subhedar
She was skeptical at first but was soon won over

437: Divya Pilgaonkar
438: Suruchi Deora
439: Reshma Joshi
440: Fatima Bibi
The dailies who waited their turn to be a part

Another sheet gone. This one would be boat #36.

The 4 year old loved his father‘s dingy office. It had piles of neglected books like this and he would spend all day making fleets of boats and unfit-to-fly paper rockets.

563: Almina Munshi
564: Nidhi Choubey
The two who put their lives to risk to do their bit

“Bring me another one, I‘ll teach you how to make a bird!' the old clerk said.
Out came another page; holes being made exactly where the two had managed to sign their names inspite of the pressure from the crowd.

“Ma'm we are petitioning for more trains from Panvel to Andheri. The frequency is so less that we end up putting our lives to risk everyday during peak hours. Would you sign your name to support our cause?"

769: Nupur Trivedi
She was the last one for the day but she knew that the tired teenager would be back with a vengeance tomorrow.
The page with her name met its fate as unsuccessful bird #3.

2500: Sabrina D‘souza
That was the last time those well rehearsed lines were said to anyone.

“I think we have enough." She beamed with satisfaction. “The authorities should heed us now."

As the child tore out the final page bearing the 2500th name; he was oblivious of the number of painful journeys the teenager spent everyday. He was didn't know how many more days she would have to continue doing so.

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