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10 Things I Cant Stand

It was a boring afternoon, until I found something interesting trending on Twitter, which inspired me to share with you, 10 Things I cant Stand. How many of these cant you stand, too?

1. Those hot blow-air fans that blast you and mess up my hair when I walk into a supermarket. Seriously, what are those for?

2. When its really cold and my my socks stamp into something wet. You know what I mean!

3. When the person ahead of me doesnt hold the door for me, and it shuts "Bam" on my face!

4.  People who text me at night and go off to sleep while I'm still waiting for them to reply, or when I take the trouble to type out a long text, all I get back is a Hmm.. or a K!

5. Girls who know they look beautiful, but keep complaining "Oh! I look horrible today!" just to gain attention.

6. People who look over my shoulder when I'm on the computer or when I'm texting. If I wanted you to read it, I would have sent it to you!

7. When people spell looser for loser, definately for definitely, and when people don't know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'. It's not that bloody hard!

8. Random people messaging me on facebook with texts like "Hey sweety, I know you might find it weird to hear from a stranger like me and you must be getting many friend requests from all the wannabes, but let me tell you I am not one of those. So can we have a "clean" friendship?" And some others say " I saw your picture, and you have a great smile and sense of style", even when I have a car as my profile picture!

9. When I have to wake up in the night to pee, and its so cold that I cant sleep after that!

10. Then you have those silly texts saying "send this message to 89374 people or horny chimpanzees will chase after you", or "If you dont send this to 45763 people, you'll grow an extra tail!" Now really, seriously?

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