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The Best Friend

He was not perfect. She knew that.

She knew he would never pick her up when she fell.

She realised this one day when she actually did fall. Forget coming to her rescue, he just wouldn't stop laughing. She stayed there helplessly, waited, then got up on her own.
But when she was standing again, they hugged and laughed together till their stomachs ached.

She knew he wouldn't stand up for her.

He always watched from the sidelines, and never took a stand. Once when she got into an argument, he didn't enter till the storm had passed. He disappointed her so many times.
Yet, when he did come around, he never let a tear fall.

She knew he wouldn't give her any presents.

She came from a place where friends were made to feel special on birthdays, friendship's days and god-knows-what days. She loved the planning, the anticipation, the thoughtfulness behind every gift. Not he. He didn't believe in the concept, much to her dismay.
Yet, whenever she thought she did something worth a mention, she would find a humble Dairy Milk sitting snugly inside her bag.

She knew he would criticise her till she lost her self confidence.

She thought she could dance until he told her "you dance like a man". She never danced after that. She thought her outfit looked fab, until he made a face. She was enjoying the adulation from friends and well wishers on a job well done, when, much to her surprise, he reprimanded all of them.
He told them he believed that the best was yet to come.

She knew he would never listen to her.

They had different views on everything. They could never work together. If she told him she was too hungry and weak to get a burger, he told her to get it herself or shut up and sit down. The favour was too much of an effort for him.
Yet, when he was sorry about a fight, he would turn up the next day with his hair cut short, wearing her favourite shirt.

She knew he hated her qualities.

She was too quiet to be his best friend. Her talks were always random. She never made eye contact during a conversation, and it seemed as though she wasn't interested. He thought she was immature in her approach, and a tad bit childish.
But out of all the people that he could pour out his heart to, he chose that childish, silent listener.

He was not perfect. She knew that.
But, he was perfect.

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