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10 Things We Forget


"Some people walk in the rain, the others just get wet!"

The New Year 2012 is around the corner and it time to make new years' resolutions! while we do that, let us try to also incorporate the things that we take for granted.
The things we forget.

1. As we grow up, pass high school, go through college, take up jobs, get married and have children. We are so busy growing up, that we forget that our parents are growing old, too!

2. When were in school, we couldn't wait to go to college, when we got to college, we wanted to get a job. We are so busy thinking about the future, that we forget to live for today.

3. People disappoint us. They break our hearts. When we sit to think, we remember how things were with them, how we had been hurt and how things could have been done differently. But we forget to thank those people who make us smile, everyday.

4. We overtly care about what others think of us. We constantly tend to mould ourselves to conform to other peoples' expectations. We forget that we were born original, and we were meant to stay that way.

5. Work is hectic and the days merge into one another without us realising. We go on a vacation only once in a blue moon, when everyone in the family is able to take time off together from work. We forget that the time we need to take rest is actually when we don't have the time to rest.

6. We sometimes think money can buy us everything. Too busy to make it to the child's birthday? Send her the expensive present she always wanted. Cant spend time with family? Well I'm earning money for them after all. But we forget that money can buy us the dog, but the wag of the tail has to be earned.

7. There is time for it later. This can always wait. It is not running away anywhere. I'll do it sometime else. We are so busy with short-term priorities, that we forget that life is uncertain and what we have today, we may not tomorrow. 

8. How many of us think that we are truly successful in what we are doing? Wanted to pursue a career in photography, but took up Engineering because it pays more? Always wanted to buy that Rolex, but paid for the son's college instead? We are so focused on our goals, that we forget to pursue our dreams.

9. What is the use of having a branded bag, if there wasn't anybody to envy it? Having lots of money, but nobody to spend it on? Going on an exotic vacation with knees that cannot walk? A thousand men working under you, but all talking behind your back? We make ourselves busy chasing material things, but we forget that the best things in life, are not things.
10. While walking down the same everyday route, ever noticed that a new building has suddenly sprung up, or felt that this new store has opened overnight? Naturally, it hasn't. When we are looking, we are so busy thinking about our worries, that we forget to actually see!

Here's ten of the many things that we subconciously tend to ignore and these always take a backseat in our busy lives. I would love to hear if you can add to this list or share your experiences. Happy New Year!

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