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The Misfit


While her classmates formed groups to travel together, she took the train alone. Everyday.

She never comforted her friends when they cried. She would stare at them from a distance. Sometimes, would look down and walk away. She felt so deeply, that no spontaneous words would come. She was afraid she would say something inappropriate.
People thought she was insensitive.

She shied away from acknowledging certain Professors at corridors. She respected them so much, that she often felt tongue tied and thought it best to avoid the embarrassment.
They thought she carried an unnecessary attitude.

She cried when she was angry. After a point, she found it difficult to retaliate,and angry tears would begin to flow involuntarily.
Her peers labeled her as a Drama Queen.

She could sit at a bus stop for hours chatting with her friends, waved at complete strangers and jumped into puddles in the rain. It was her idea of fun, of breaking free, of keeping the child in her alive.
Her friends told her she was immature.

She had always been the one - the odd one out.
Everything was wrong about her.
And this had been her concern as she boarded the train, alone again.
She stood on an important crossroad of life and worried what would become of her.
 Everything she was, was clearly not the right way to be.

She laughed easily, trusted easily. She was delighted when she did well, but cried of joy when her friends succeeded. 
Circumstances pitted her against the very same people and she didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

She believed in the goodness that exists in every person. She took no sides when people fought, just patiently heard both, letting the person vent, but not judging. She loved that about herself, because it kept her away from gossip, politics and the evil of back-biting.
Mentors said it was important to express an opinion about everything!

She started this blog because she was passionate about writing. It would be her way to express herself to the world, whenever an idea struck.
Well wishers told her she should rather update her blog regularly with more "intelligent stuff".

The Misfit alights the train now sighing at the new person she must be. With different intentions...

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