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Unfinished Business...


As my life comes to an end,
I realised that there is a vast difference between the things I thought mattered,
and those that actually did.

The forms of toys kept changing,
but over the years, the child-like amusement vanished.

Scrambled to meet business deadlines,
but forgot that the most important meetings, were meetings with myself.

Learnt how to beautify the surface,
but forgot to cleanse the parts within.

Ignored the warning signs,
I can ignore them no longer.

Oh death! wait some more,
I have unfinished business.

My parents caught my hand and put me on my feet...
Am I really so ungrateful, to leave when it is time to repay?

I had promised my girl that I'll be hers for life.
I dont want to be the one to break all the vows.

I had planned to the T what my wedding suit would look like,
But would her eyes twinkle when she looks at me from the aisle?

I want to know what it feels like to hold my newborn in my arms.
Otherwise unemotional, would I cry of joy then?

I had so many wishes, that I cannot fit them all in.
That photography course, that bunjee jump, that first trip on the plane.
Was it really foolish to believe that I'd live a fuller life?

Brick by brick, I'd dreamed of building a home by the sea.
Life, how could you be so harsh to bring the sunset so soon?

I wanted to die an old man,
Not like this, Not like this...


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