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Life Would Have Been Different Otherwise...


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!!!

Ever wondered how even a seemingly mundane decision can alter the course of your life?

Here, I share a few lines from a lecture I attended, that literally caused goosebumps!

We, at our MBA college, take pride in our class unity. Surprisingly, there is no negative competition. Winners are applauded without vested interests, and failures are cheered up with equal gusto. We work (and not work) together. I wouldn't be wrong to say that we are a family we choose to be with, where each of us is our very own.

And these words made us think....

'I made you introduce your background with a reason in mind. This class is so full of diversity! We have a Pharmacy graduate here sitting next to a Bachelor of Commerce. Here, a BMS student shares his lunch with a BA Economics. He then goes up and works for his Finance project with a group full of Engineers. In that, one of them is a Telecom, another is Mechanical and also there are IT, Production and Civil engineers. None of which have any clue about what to do. There people with years of work experience who are always patient with the restless lot of freshers. Here, Physics and Chemistry graduates take their doubts about operations to a B.Sc. Statistics. And when given an assignment to develop a completely new product, they cannot arrive at anything concrete, because each wants to contribute something that relates to his field of knowledge! But they still clap for the best presentation, and abuse the professor for putting a classmate down!

But have you ever sit down and wondered, "What would have happened if I never took the decision to do this course, in this college, during this year? Would any of us have ever met? What if I had scored poorly in this year’s CET? Would I still be sitting here? What if I had thought that this institute wasn’t worth travelling from Dombivli for? How many of us here would have been married and nurturing families?"

IT Engineers tell me, when you took up engineering, you imagined yourself at Infosys or Wipro, sitting in front of a computer, busy working on an important assignment, earning a fat pay cheque. Similarly, Pharmacy students saw themselves mixing chemicals and Statisticians would imagine nothing more than crunching numbers! Did you ever think that you would someday be selling products, writing books of accounts, or understanding human psychology? The people with work experience would probably have never thought when they started their corporate career that they would someday be going back to school!

Folks, you as graduates, could have very well been earning twice the amount that you have paid as fees for a year in this course. But nevertheless, you are here, because you have DECIDED to add value to yourselves, be better individuals. It is, hence now upto you to see that your decision was indeed a right one, a fruitful one. Make the most of this course, and learn from the different perspectives that each of your beloved classmates bring to the table!’

                                                           Thank You, Mr. Sanjeev Patkar

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