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Yes, Thats me.. Again!

Owing to the success of its predecessor, and of course a little bit of 'inspiration' and a lot of observation, here's presenting to you, the second installment of Yes! That's Me.

At least once in your life, I am sure you have...

> chased a feather or a bubble

> stared at flying birds until they went out of sight

> had that one romantic moment that you're sure you'l never forget

> tried to startle a cat by doing an angry MEEEEOOOOOOW!

> sometimes, while walking, have tried to keep your feet within the little square tiles

> not answered a call because you were busy savouring your ringtone

> called a friend just to listen to his caller tune

> got annoyed at a guy playing blaring music on his phone at a public place. But felt even more annoyed because he stopped just when your favourite song was on!

> stood outside the principle's office for mischief and yet not been able to control your laughter

> kept things in a safe place, and later forgot what that safe place was!!

> jumped into a puddle not caring if it dirtied your clothes

> met someone new and been able to talk to them like youve known them for years

> when hearing yourself eating crunchy food, wondered if people can hear it too

> made up nick names for other people so only you and your friends know who you're talking about

> had the mini-heart-attack you get when you swing too far back on a chair

> felt like bursting out laughing, just when you were trying to be mad at somebody

> blamed your mum for misplacing your stuff, but later found it in your own bag

> experienced the gross pleasure of popping a zit

> given a nasty look to a complete stranger, just because she was mean to your best friend!

> had your headphones on full blast in your ears and spoken really loudly with people around, not realizing it
... or better still, sung along in full volume, much to the spectators' amusement! 

> skipped a queue and pretended you'd been there all along
> laughed so hard that your face hurt

> felt elated on finding a 100 rupee note in a coat from last winter

> accidently heard somebody saying something nice about you :))

> watched the expression on someone's face as they open a much desired present from you

> been grateful for song lyrics printed inside your new CD so you can sing along without feeling stupid

> sometimes when walking on the street, realise that all along, you have been talking to a complete stranger and your friend has been left far behind!

> said "here comes your Best Friend" while referring to a person your friend hates!

> crossed your fingers while lying

> pinched your throat and said "i swear!"

> believed in Santa Claus

> assumed that the guy who farted would be the one with the warmest/ reddest ears 

> had your friends thrown out of class because of something you did

> owned up for mischief you didnt do, simply because you'd get to be outside class with your pals! (haha... school days!)

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