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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Exams are here, and I am in no mood to study. Thoughts kept wavering and sentences kept coming in until I was compelled to turn on the computer and write. So, for all those people who like me, are bored, here are
10 Things I Can Bet You Didn’t Know About Me:
1. Most of my best friends started off as enemies.
Yes! Most of my closest friends have come and told me that initially they thought I had an “Attitude Problem”.  But now they’re pure converts saying that I’m very much the opposite.
I still haven’t figured out why the negative first impression.

2. I can keep others’ secrets very well, but can’t keep my own.
Funny, but true.  When I’m happy, I like to tell the world. When I’m sad, I tell the universe! When something affects me deeply, I share it with all until the excitement or the sadness fades away. I talk about it so much that I finally get fed-up of thinking and talking about it. Only then is it out of my system for good.  Sorry if I sound like a cribber, but that’s the way I function.

3. I am a poor liar.
I cannot get out of a sticky situation by lying. I cannot pull off a prank, because I giggle too soon. I am by constitution, an honest person. What is on my mind is on my tongue, even if it’s bad for me. I don’t hide it. If I lie, it will trouble me for days.

4. I like to be a loner sometimes.
I am a total people’s person, but I equally relish my ‘alone time’. I love to have friends around me, and do what I usually do. But when I say I want to be alone, I mean it.

5. I have poor self esteem.
Wondered why I always shake away compliments? I don’t really consider I am all those things unless I personally believe that I have done a damn good job trying to do a good job. People are just being kind. There are so many better people out there.

6. I hate being teased about being skinny.
I choose to laugh it off because “C’mon! I cannot do anything about it. It’s the genes!”  And I don’t like to make a fuss about it. But it does add to my low esteem and it keeps piling on somewhere.

7. I like to be treated like a girl, too!
Though, it’s also true that I don’t conform to most of the girly traits. I don’t like excessive make-up, I hate to gossip, I wince at match-making, I’d rather climb a hill than sit by the pool protecting a manicure. I’m interested in what each cuss word means; have played tug of war with the boys, and I’m open to discussing things that are supposedly tabooed by the female gender. But hey! I’m a girl at the end of the day, don’t shove me around.

8. I can never make a meaningful telephonic conversation. But if u text, I can go on for hours!
Probably it is because of the way I grew up; probably it is because of the way I am. Access to the telephone was given to me in junior college days, by that time my fellow pre-teens were done driving their parents on the verge of bankruptcy because of their phone bills. I still am not used-to a telephonic conversation.
If I have an issue, I like to word my thoughts carefully and discuss. My old friends will tell you how I always wrote letters to resolve fights. Most are still preserved in their closets!

9.  I am a sucker for making things work.
If I think I want to do something, and it doesn’t work, the perfectionist in me does not rest until I MAKE it work. I obsess over it and do everything I can to see the task accomplished. Maybe that is why I have so much trouble letting go of things which should be let go of!

10.I am a hoarder.
In my memories folder you will find everything from my first crushes’ first friendship band, to scrap books filled with pictures of Brett Lee, to random pictures drawn by my friends during boring lectures, to phone numbers scribbled by people I no longer remember. Sometimes, I open this folder, and trust me, I smile at how silly I used to be, how my priorities were so different! Don’t be surprised if I say a particular smell transports me to a particular time, or a song that takes me back to a dreadful separation. I link things very well.

So, there! Do send in your feedback. What you think you knew, and those things that completely shocked you. But most of all, I'd love to read your 10 Things as well!

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