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Yes! Thats Me!!!

How Many Times, have you read somebody's blog, tweet, or facebook update and thought, YES! I have felt the same at some point in my life. Or thought, "why didnt i think of this before him?"

So here, I am listing a few things that would make you go, "that is SO true!!!"
feel free to add to this list.. Comment!

> love running through sprinklers on a lawn.

> have that one person whose name flashing on your phone always brings a smile on your face

> have someone you JUST cannot lie to. they know you too well

> love the smell of earth just after the first rain

> the smell of petrol

> tell people you are on your way, stuck in traffic when you've only just woken up.

> singing out loud in the bathroom and then realising you've had an amused audience outside :D

> have asked your friend to take his hand off so you could copy his answer

> have that one song that explains everything that you are going through.

> made resolutions on new years but never kept them

> when final exams were on, thought "let these exams got over, i've got so much to do..." after 15 days.. " dude i'm so bored!"

> always seem to spot your crush no matter how big the crowd

> pretended to be asleep in the car, just so that your parents would carry you home

> done a "ghaati dance" without a care in the world about who's watching

> embarassed yourself so bad that you wished u were invisible

> worn the wrong shoes and borrowed a friends' pair during inspection

> forgotten your best friends birthday and told them you couldnt call because you were out of balance.

> called the traffic policemen a hundred dirty names, but when one caught you at a signal.... "haa saheb, jee saheb..."

> written messages to a loved one but never sent them across

> prof: "guys, you have an assignment", turn to friend, "tension mat le, google hai na!"

> driven along an empty road with nothing but your favourite songs for company

> wanted something real bad, but when somebody offered it to you, "no, Thanks!"

> asking somebody to "concentrate on the song's lyrics, they are awesome".. simply because its all you wanted to say to them but never could

> wondered how the other queue always moves faster than yours

> when you needed a particular bus, it never came on time.. but when you took a cab, three busses followed back to back!

> stared at a closet full of clothes thinking " i have nothing to wear!"

>have some text messages that you never want to delete

> used ....... in texts, and used loads of them!

> managed to somehow scramble through homework, only to find that the teacher isnt going to check it!

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