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Of Vibrant Colours.. and Dull Black and Whites!

Alarm rang at 7am. Nothing new, it has been programmed to ring at this time, everyday. Scrambled on board the 8.02 am train, because I knew that the next one at 8.30 would render me 15 minutes late. Got off the train and turned right from the bridge, without thinking. By now, my brain has been attuned to doing that. Music still blasting in my earphones, I absently headed to the bus stop. The conductor approached, and I had Rs. 7 handy. The bus whined along the familiar curves and I knew which patch would take longest to clear. It came to a halt, on the fifth stop, and out of habit I looked up to the first floor. The old man in a white brief & striped shorts, was there on his ancient chair, reading the newspaper- Like he always is, at this time. Alighted at the everyday bus stop, ignoring the advertisement on it. I have read it so many times; I know every word printed on it. College was the usual. Lectures, quick coffee breaks, elaborate lunch breaks. Aimless banter and fretting over assignments. I am lucky I got to leave early. In the absence of upcoming projects, I shall sleep blissfully early today.


This, in contrast to the time college began. It marked the end of a boring and long sabbatical. Everything was new. Everything was exciting. Woke up at 6.30am, not being able to estimate how long it would take to reach such a far off place. Train schedules were unknown. Figured which bus took me to reach my destination through trial and error. Realized how expensive rickshaw rides were, only when I ran short of cash on one such ride. Worked so hard on creating a good first impression, because it was only me who could control what they thought of me. Learnt who was a worthy friend, only when I misunderstood him at first. Was taught the hard way, in whose lecture to behave, and when to let loose. Though not all positive, each experience had in it something new, something never done before. And I enjoyed every bit of it!


Can you relate to this?

When you start something new, do something completely alien, that thrill, that passion, that drive, which makes you want to wake up in the morning and say, “Hey! Today is going to be different.”

It could be a new project, a different school, an adventure sport, a newborn baby, a brand new gadget, a vacation, a new home, a new set of friends, a hobby…

Every new thing, every new journey, comes with a certain novelty factor. When it is newly embarked upon, its attachment value is higher. It fills your life with different Vibrant Colours. When it slowly becomes a habit, Monotony creeps in, and all those colours slowly merge into a dull Black and White.

We are all victims of monotony. We begin every new venture with such gusto, that everything else becomes subordinate. Then the repetitiveness slinks, and life becomes boring, mechanical. We become slaves to routine. We go about our daily business, with clockwork precision. We lose track of the days passing by. Everything becomes a blur. Things that were “I will do” become “I should do” and then, when it is too late, they become, “I could have done”. Wrinkles and grey hair glare at you, not because of a sudden side effect, but because you didn’t see its signs developing earlier.

Not too late folks! Let’s make a vow to dispel the Black and White. Make colours work for you!

Dedicate a colour to all that you once did and now don’t. The things that you always wanted to do but never could. The things that you enjoy doing, the things that let you be yourself.

Blue, for dancing in the rain. Orange, for bungee jumping. Yellow for an early morning jog. Green, for the hobby you abandoned long ago. Red, for getting back in touch with old friends. Pink, for asking out that cute colleague.

Then, when as move about, pay attention to every colour around you.
Let them remind you every time, what they mean to you. What they stand for.
Let them tell you again, every single day, that you are not a machine, that you are alive. And hence, you ought to live!

Then, finally, one day you'll succumb. You will go out and say, “Enough! I will let go. I shall do something new!”

That is when your world shall cease to be Black and White.

Your life will have Colours again!

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