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Donate eyes?

Donation of eyes
seems to be the hours' need,
But I have no appetite
for this 'noble' deed.

Though the mountains and moors
only on earth are found,
I care too much
to ignore the apathy around.
And I do not wish my brother
to share with me the sight
of a wailing child's hunger
or a beggar's plight.

Though it is fulfilling to see
them play a petty game,
I'd rather have him hear their mirth,
than see their skeletal frame.

Yes, there are oceans
and golden beaches,
but once under nature's fury,
they leave behind screeches
of homeless people
as they watch in dismay.
i cannot let him see with them,
their lives washed away.

Truly it is a delight
to watch the first showers fall,
But I'd rather let him feel them on his palm,
than see the floods raze all.

It may give him a high
to innocently chase a sprinting doe,
but harm comes when
man becomes its foe.
He'd rather hold a sheep
and feel its woolly comfort,
than see it hunted
fleeced and slaughtered.

It is better that he wakes up
on the sound of cock-a-doodle-doo,
than to see the slit on its neck
and feature on a rich mans menu.

Certainly the churches, mosques and temples
are structures of pride,
but it does spell disaster,
when in their name, men divide.
Brother, cutting the throat of another,
I cannot let him see.
Rather in seclusion,
he'd peacefully spiritual be.

He would be better off sensing
the genuineness of a soul,
than see a mocking face,
greedy or cold.

Man has invented money
to assuage almost any need,
but is soon becoming a victim
of his own ever growing greed.
I'd rather let him experience
the joys these scraps of paper cannot purchase,
than to see man stoop low
in his pursuit to win the race.

I agree it is a delight
to see lavish chandeliers of glass
but he's better of sleeping on fragrant hay
under the blanket of stars.

Surely he will regret
the sightless streets he trod,
but greatest will be his joy
to see directly the face of God.

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