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Being a Stranger in a Crowd

Well I know what you anticipate, the moment you read the title of the post. Well dont worry, it isnt going to be all that philosophical!

To start with, I got asked once "why do you like to travel alone?"
I answer that it is my "me time". The time i get to be myself, allow myself to think, observe the people around.

Why is this important?
All of us have to consciously or otherwise, put on facades and change who we really are, in order to be accepted. In college, I am this cheerful girl, jumping around, forever enthusiastic. I cannot afford to show them my sensitive side, yet.
At home, I am calm, reserved, and prefer to keep to myself. otherwise, they would be shocked at my language! haha

There are times, when i just need a good cry, and i dont want to explain that to anybody, not even my best friends, i do it in a crowd!
Now you would think, "hey! you dont do it in around your loved ones, but have no qualms about doing it when the whole world is watching!"
But folks, think about it, there is a certain comfort that only a crowd can offer which no loved one can. The comfort called "anonymity".
Nobody asks you questions, nobody is hurt when you dont confide, nobody passes a judgement. Just a curious glance, and they move ahead.

But hey, I'm not all a depressed soul! You can do all the crazy bits in public, which you cannot dare do in front of people you know! Like tickling your friend in a crowded bus, and forget jumping, the poor soul has no place to move... or eating candy floss (which, apparently isnt a very grown up thing to do)...  or being loud... swinging on branches of trees... smearing people with cake... singing "jaane kyu log pyar karte hai" on spotting cosy couples... pretending to take a video of them... or hopping along marine drive with friends arm in arm, shouting "rin tin tin *bang* swallowed a pin *bang*.........."!
(you might have guessed, i have actually done these things, haha).
The notion goes, "nobody knows us here! so why bother? they are never going to see us again!"
(lovers, take cue :p )

well, another aspect of this "anonymity" factor is that crowds bring out our boldest side. Now this can be of use, folks! I know of many people who think they are not very good performers. They falter at inter-college fests, because they are scared of crowds. This one goes out to them : Why bother guys? They dont know you, so they dont have any expectations! just go out there and perform your best, you may never see them again!
So, the next time, Make the most of being a stranger in a crowd. Be your crankiest or your craziest, the idea is to enjoy life, without a care n the world! What say?

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